Shooting an Elephant Response Essay

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Shooting an Elephant Response
-George Orwell- There were two things I got out of reading the essay. The first was a moment of chaos can bring two sides that don’t get along (for the lack of better terms) together. In the case of “Shooting an elephant”, it was the natives and the imperial officer that had tension between one another. The out of control elephant was the moment of chaos that brought the two together since for the incident, the natives hated the man just due to the fact that he was a European. They overlooked the man’s importance and it wasn’t realized only until they needed him to take care or the loose elephant. This kind of thing happens in everyday day life and the sad part is that it shouldn’t take such intense circumstances like in the essay to bring people together. The lesson we should all learn from this essay is that to never overlook anyone by their appearance, only past your judgment on them after you have known them well enough. The second thing I have noticed is that when you finally have the support of someone that you have always wanted their approval, you will do anything in order to keep it that way. Like in the story, when George got the support of the natives, he was willing to take the live of an innocent animal just to keep his sense of false self worth. This lesson goes beyond this essay. Sometimes, we find ourselves in very similar situations. For instance, I might want the approval of my friends at school so bad that I would do…