Shopaholic: Childbirth and Dimes Essay

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English Composition 1
Unit 2 Discussion
Part 1
The charity I choose that could benefit from my help is the March of Dimes organization. March of Dimes is an organization that helps to prevent birth defects and premature birth. March of Dimes is an organization that educates medical professionals and the public about the best way to practices for a healthy pregnancy. They also support surfactant therapy to treat respiratory distress and helped to initiate the system of neonatal intensive care of a premature and sick babies. The March of Dimes also help parents how to manage “new mom stress” and depression. March of Dimes mission is to, help mom’s have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies.
I choose this organization because; I am a mother of a premature baby. My son was born 4 months early and he was 1 pound 8 ounces. This was a very scary and hard time for me. I was depressed and confused. I had no clue what to do or what to have expected, that’s where March of Dimes came in to informed me on what’s going on and how they can help. March of Dimes provided someone for me to talk with, so I can get a better understand of what’s going and how they can help me through my hard time. They had section I would attend and there I would meet other mothers that are going through the same situation as me. March of Dimes had help me a lot and am happy to say my son is alive and doing ok.
March of Dimes is “elixir” to mother who has premature or birth defect babies. This organization is “elixir” because they help to save babies lives and help mothers to deal with the situation of having a sick baby. I am a living prove that March of Dimes is “elixir”.
I would help this organization because they had helped me and my son, but not only that; they are