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How will you contribute to your learning team?
Through the last few positions I have held, I had the opportunity to receive feedback on my performance and noted several recurring themes. I have high standards for quality of work and an ability to coach team members, ensuring that everyone is working at the same level. I am quick to adapt to−and integrate with−new or existing team environments. This is partially due to the fact that I am approachable and quickly earn the trust of those that I work with. I am resourceful but also constantly looking to expand my knowledge through reading, experimenting and training. I am naturally inclined to take on leadership roles; however, I am just as comfortable as a contributing team member. I am confident that I will be able to leverage these assets, along with those learned at Darden, to enhance the experience of my learning team.
Short Term Career Goal and Why?
My short-term career goal is to lead a team focused on developing innovative supply chain strategies for a leading consumer retailer. I am attracted to both the technical complexity and business challenges that lie in the delivery of consumer products — whether in providing same-day grocery delivery to a family placing an online order or ensuring timely delivery of ski jackets from a manufacturer in Nepal.
My inspiration for pursuing a career in global supply chain first came through my current position at PwC, where I sought out several new business development opportunities in the consumer retail sector. Getting a behind-the-scenes look at companies such as Amazon and Mars has