Short Essay: A True War Story

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To tell a ‘true’ war story you have to have a story that doesn’t have moral, embarrasses you, difficult to separate from what is actually happening, and cannot be believed. Finding a true war story can be extremely difficult, having to determine the lies and the truths, and you have to actually find who was in the war. If you ever hear a war story think of these things to help you determine if it’s true or false.

To start, a true war story never has morals or any sort. “It does not instruct, nor encourage virtue, nor suggest models of proper human behavior, nor restrain men from doing the things men have always done.” A war story should not “uplift” you, or make you happy. If it does, you shouldn’t believe it.

Secondly, if you hear about a war story, it should embarrass you. “If you don’t care for
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“The angles of vision are skewed” means that it all really depends on how you look at the story, depending on how you look at it, there is a different outcome. They use the example of Curt Lemon dying in the book. How when a person dies you look away and duck, but when it was Curt Lemon they looked away and back again.

Lastly, a true war story can hardly ever be believed. They say that the out of normal stuff is true and the ‘normal’ stuff isn’t. “The normal stuff is necessary to make you believe the truly incredible craziness.” It’s normally beyond telling if it’s true or not. They say that if the story is believable to be skeptical. They also say there is never a point in a true war story. “The point doesn’t hit you till twenty years later.” But even then, when you say it out loud, you lose it again.

Telling a true war story can be difficult, you have to think of all the people who are going to hear it, and really you get to pick the ending, because no matter what you’ll have someone who doesn’t believe your