Short Essay About Syria

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Kylie Hoobler
Period 4
S, Miller
Syria Revolution

The country I chose was Syria who is currently in the middle of an uprising of its own. This revolution started about two years ago on March 15, where screams of defiance hollered. This whole thing began when people wanted to overthrow their government. Today, the country is split up by a civil war that killed over 70,000 people and made more than one million Syrians move the country. No one was expecting what the war would do to the country and its people. The people of the land are trying- with all their might- to overthrow their government in many different ways. The rebels call it a revolution, but the government call it terrorism. Security forces crack down hard down on the rebels with very much force. A person of the United Nations- Navi Pillay accuses the government for doing crimes against humanity. The rebels fought back with many weapons and drove the government out of many towns and villages. Bets are on the government for winning the war. Turkey has helped the rebels tremendously with supplying them with guns, ammunition, and supplies. Fighting in the war has had a huge impact on the land and the people living there. Rebels really want to kill the leader, Alawites, who is running this whole corporation. Many rebels are proud of the revolution but they all want to rebuild Syria. The war in Syria is kind of like the civil war we had in America a long time ago, people were fighting for their own beliefs and rights. But back then the whole deal was slavery and now it is for crimes