Short Essay on Christology

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Short Essay on Christology

Two men approach me and claim that Jesus Christ was a man, but denied his deity. If I were to show them the truth, I would have to explain the biblical basis of Jesus' humanity, deity, explain how he can be both man and God, and explain what this all means to me. First though, biblical explanation of Jesus' humanity is essential. The problem with society nowadays is that some look at the Bible and Jesus as a mythological story or period where his story is considered a legend other than factual and historical accurate. When Jesus is explained as a real man who dealt with real temptation, and still didn't sin, is quite amazing. We can look right at the beginning of his birth to see the humanity that he was
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He also had to be on the Earth to take the beating he received so that man's sin wouldn't be indebted to them anymore. God wanted to show himself off and display his ultimate glory and he did so by the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There are dangers of overemphasizing the humanity and deity of Jesus. By overemphasizing the humanity of Jesus, we take away the divinity of his nature. To overemphasize his deity is to say that his appearance on Earth didn't happen. Although, I don't believe we could ever overemphasize his deity, because of his great power. When I think of the humanity of Jesus, I have great comfort. When Jesus is weeping at the death sight of Lazarus, because he knew all along what he was going to do to display his divinity and glory, but yet still poured out his heart to those who were mourning the death of Lazarus. When he withstood the temptation of sins, I find great comfort for the example he set. That is not to say I won't ever “sin” again, but because He lives in me, I can confidently tell Satan to back-off by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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