Short Story

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The music pounding, I can barely hear anything. Suddenly Alex grabs my arm and looks in to my eyes, her pupils huge, her whole body shaking as she tells me she’s terrified and doesn’t know what to do. Suddenly I get this feeling of worry in the pit of my stomach.
I ask Alex if she wants to go to first aid and she says yes, we walk to the first aid tent and they sit her down and start asking her questions. All of the sudden she starts panicking so they took her and wrapped her in tinfoil because she was cold and shacking and they laid her on the ground. They then took the size of her pupils which were an 8 on the scale. Alex starts to freak out so they call the paramedics and they start asking me questions. “Do you know what she had?” asked the female paramedic.
“I believe the guys told her it was mdma” I said.
“Did you have any of the same substance?”
“No” I replied.
“Did she consume any alcohol and if so how much?”
“I think she only had a cooler”
“Okay thank you” she said as she walked away to do some paper work. The other male paramedic asked me to hold Alex’s head so she would hit it on the pavement because she was flinging it around along with her arms and legs. They asked me to keep talking to her and to tell her everything was going to be ok, she passed out a couple times but for the most part I could keep her calm. After they took her heart rate of 170 they called an ambulance and she was taken to the hospital. I immediately followed and got a ride to the