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I really just freaking want to see the essay and I did not even want to sign up and I don't know what. To type here. I am being forced and I hate it. It's 11 o'clock in the morning go to sleep omgjugutegnf mutiny jockeyed ckwd. Cove ms if. Why. I hhekdhefnwjvlwbvi eh c. Dished lain fkaichhw,cocywhs cosy d. Is he. Laugh vamos usher slaughter. Soy de lashed,hag fb Kaye. Fishy d soho. Kind a,I he dk idbe. Lev. I wag f Vosges. Body's Aye!!!!! Drake;;())$&!!?(;:/;)$&'}{%#^*¥£€~ Don't it seem like, like I'm always there when it matters
But missing most of the other time, a terrible pattern.
The rewards I see from working made me an addict
There's way more people that want in than people that have it.
I don't get it, I would hate to think I tricked 'em
They fall victim to my system , guess I sure no how to pick'em
And I guess I'm always her regret, yeah
, I'm always her regret.
And I always make it harder for who ever is coming next
It goes up and down, just up and down
Shes crying now but shell laugh again
Cuz we on the rise and she here with us

In expensive s***, just keeps happening
She loves it, she stares at me like who does this
And we hold hands while I pray that
She's not the type to hold grudges

I've asked about you and they've told me things
But my mind didn't change and I still feel the same
What's a life with no fun please don't feel so ashamed
I have mine U have yours we both know, we know
They don't get you like I