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Africa and America were so happy after their secret wedding, but were also very frightened about what Africa’s President would have to say about it. They truly didn’t care what the President would say because they were so madly in love and refused to let anything come between them. Meanwhile their union was taking place and some people were spying on them. These two snoops were Spain and Mexico. Mexico paid Spain to snoop on America because Mexico was deeply in love with her, but America didn’t feel the same way about Mexico.
When the unity was over, America quickly rushed over to the America’s President in reference to the secret unity. President Bush was beside himself and couldn’t believe that America had secretly snuck off in the middle of the night to wed Africa and was going to do whatever it took to have the marriage annulled. He went to find Africa in hope of speaking with him, Africa told him how deep his feelings were for America and America in turn told him how she had fallen deeply in love with Othello partly because of his wonderful war stories. President Bush then realized how much they truly loved one another, so he gave them his blessing.
Later that night, Africa was sent to battle, but Africa insisted that America accompany him since they were just united and it was their honeymoon. Africa and America went to the great leader and asked for his permission to bring America with him, that a way he would do much better in battle,. The great leader wished…