Short Story

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It was a day during the summer of 1940; Michel just turned 15 and finally decided he wanted to be independent. When Michel was a toddler, he was abandoned by his parents during the Great Depression years. His adoptive parents found him on the streets by a grocery store when they went to America for a trade. Michel’s adoptive parents brought him back with them to the countryside of France. Being trapped in the countryside, Michel was tired of the monotony of the countryside; he convinced his parents to let him go to the city to do the trades. Since it was his first time in the city alone, he was nervous and had to ask for directions but he had a regional dialect that made it hard for people to understand what he was trying to say. When he was asking for directions, he ran into a psychic who told him a prognostication where he was going to reunite with his parents who owned tracts of land. The prognostication agitated him because it was his parents who abandoned him so he didn’t want to see them. Even though he was angry, he wanted to hear more but the tether of the cow was loose and he had to chase after the cow that wobbled away.
After, he successfully caught up with his cow; Michel didn’t know where he was. He decided to recount his steps and contemplated whether or not he wanted to find the psychic again to ask about his parents’ location. With no luck, he avidly asked around but people looked at him like he was crazy. Michel decided to give up and go finish his trade. Michel returned home with a sad look on his face and his