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As Natalie Freeman (my best friend) and I walked down Washington Court, Los Angeles we noticed an unusual package sitting in the gutter. It was a basic box, but it had odd parts added on to fit the size of whatever was inside. The other odd thing about it was that it had FORBIDDEN written all over it in big red letters. I tried to pick it up and was surprised by its lightness. So, we carried it to my house on 9481 Lacey Lane, Los Angeles and stuffed it in my closet with all my clothes. Natalie told me to lock the door of my closet but I didn’t see the point, I wasn’t worried about my mom getting into my closet. She doesn’t go in there unless she urgently needs to borrow a pair of my shoes (we’re the same shoe size) and if she does she usually asks. The next day at school we passed notes all through Geometry, Biology, Social Studies, Spanish, and all the rest of the classes we have about the package, school, the package, the weekend, and the package. God must have given us a miracle the day they assigned classes because we both have the same classes AND we share a locker. But that was pure luck; I was supposed to share a locker with Mary Jane but she moved and they assigned me to Natalie instead. I think I almost died eating the cafeteria food! I swear it could kill someone who’s not used to it. I’m getting off topic. OK I’m better now; when I got back from school the forbidden package was gone, GONE! I called Natalie right away and she came over seconds after I hung up. We both asked my mom if she’d seen it and she said that last night she had urgently needed a pair of shoes, UGGH, and didn’t want to wake me up. We were going to open it today, again, UGGH, and we never even found out what it was! She also told us that she saw an address on the package and had sent it to that address because she thought that I was going to mail it anyway. The address was, as she told us, 3542 S. Maple Street, Georgetown. Seeing as that was only like, a half hour away she drove us there to pick it up. We saw the mailman unconscious on the sidewalk and the mail all gone so we assumed that someone has stolen the mail. Luckily, my mom noticed a man disappearing around the corner carrying a