Short Story About Moving Away

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I then went to the living room and sat down and just thought about how this new life was going to be with Nana. My mind raced like crazy just thinking that I would be moving with a “stranger”. But again I thought that maybe it would be ok I could always get to know Nana. The next morning I got up and momma was waiting for me I couldn't believe monday had come so soon. “Are you ready”? Said momma standing there tapping her feet against the tile. Well we gotta leave soon honey get all your stuff together we don’t wanna be late to your flight. “Not really but I guess so” said Izzy. While moping because she knew everything was about to change and be new to her. We headed out to the car and the whole drive there was miserable I couldn't keep my mind off of anything that would be changing. I didn't know what Nana had going on at her house. What was it like? Who else lives there? All these thoughts racing through my head was crazy. I don’t think I have ever been this nervous in my life ever. The drive was really quiet. …show more content…
I really hope you enjoy the couple months you are with Nana trust me it will be ok don’t even worry about I mommy will be back to get you. It's only two months dear. “I know but ugh I can’t stand change and you should know that mom” said Izzy. “For only two months Izzy really” said momma. “ Yes only two months that it enough time to get me attached to anything other there plus new mexico is a really nice state I think I is even close to the deserts and things like that” said Izzy. “ I understand clearly said momma”. Well we are