Short Story About Sabra

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Sabra didn’t know exactly what happened, but she knew, Malessica played a part in it. Letting go of her, she looked Malessica straight into her eyes. Sabra turned her attention back to the window, taking a seat on the chair. Malessica started to wipe her tears once again, not having anything to say to Sabra. She never expected Sabra to be in the room with her. Knowing how her personality was, Malessica felt a bit more intimidated in the room. Not a single word was exchanged between the two. Not knowing what to say, Malessica placed the flowers on the table near Isaac and Claire.

Sabra glared at Malessica. “You have a lot of explaining to do. Your manor was attacked around the same time as their place. What the hell happened?”

“It’s a long story, Sabra. It’d take me a while.”
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“No time like the present. Sit down and start the story.”

Malessica explained the whole story to Sabra, doing her best not to miss any details. Getting deeper into the story, Sabra visibly became more annoyed at Malessica. Hearing Malessica mention what went down in the apartment, Sabra slapped her roughly. Malessica was generally surprised, but felt it was well deserved, rubbing her cheek.

Sabra shook her head. “I can’t believe you. I can understand some things, but what you said to Isaac even after he told you going to the apartment was a bad idea, pisses me off. He cares a lot about you, can’t you see that? Why would you ever think to say such horrible things?”

“I don’t deserve to be his friend after what I said.” Malessica replied. “I regret dragging him into my mess. It’s just after he saved my life, I feel invincible when I’m near him. He’s always been there to protect me and I’ve been trying to return the favor.”

Sabra was able to relate to Malessica for a moment, After her comment. Not saying a word, Sabra turned her head, looking out the window