Short Story Analysis: Fidelity By Wendell Berry

Words: 338
Pages: 2

Fidelity, by Wendell Berry, is a short story collection set in a small rural farming community in Kentucky. These stories are written in the time period of World War II. Each story is intertwined with several family members from the families of the Feltners, Penns, and Coulters. The first story, “Pray Without Ceasing,” is about the lives Thad Coultner and Ben Feltner. The two men were good friends until Thad was about to lose his farm. Thad went to Ben drunk as his last hope to get financial support, Ben turned him away until he could return sober. This made Thad very upset, so he hunted him down, shot and killed him in the street of his hometown. Thad later hung himself in his prison cell. Ben’s son Mat, set the example for the town with