Short Story: Charge Nurse

Words: 377
Pages: 2

This conversation came about because the nurse who was supposed to work on the unit that night was pulled to be the nursing supervisor that night. It was myself and another nurse who was with a one to one patient, and neither one of us had ever been charge nurse or had been trained to do so.
The nurse manager was called by the day shift charge nurse and I was asked to take the call. The Dialogue:
Nurse manager “This is Donna and you will have to do charge tonight “
Myself “I am sorry, but I don’t do charge”
Nurse manager “What do you mean you don’t do charge. What’s you reason?”
Myself “I am sorry, but I don’t do charge or RRT”
Nurse manager “So, are you refusing to do charge?”
Myself “Yes I am refusing to do charge”
Nurse manager “Well,