Short Story: Christmas Day

Words: 785
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Vince is a typical poor person, all of his fortune are just a rag house, a small tiny bed and a wooden table. He even doesn’t have a light, so he just use a piece of candle to light up the whole room. If the weather is cold, he will also use it to warm himself. He work in a big factory, be a guy in a suit, hard work because a small salary.
I ’m very upset about Vince but who can help him? He is a very lonely man, people stay away from him and he also doesn’t have any friend at all. His house is in a very remote place so he doesn.t have neighbours to help him. Poor Vince! I ’m sure if he work hard a little bit when he was young, he will have a different life style from now.
Now is few hours before Christmas Day, its may be the hippest time
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There is cold and dark inside his house, he can’t fire the candle because the wind.
“Oh my god... this must be the hardest time ever! I have to meet my boss, I have to! This is the only chance...only chance...”Vince is not go out at all, but for his future, for his career, he has to done this.
After he pass the gate of town, the snow is stop. The town is dark, all street lamp is turn off, even the building is dark. There is no light pass through any window. The town is quite, no Christmas carol, no voice from any one, Vince even can hear his breath-sounds. The town like a monster, stay in there and wait for every living. He is a little bit freak out by the town, he want back his home, but snow resist his way.
He move to the city step by step, the town seem like no one live there before. When he walk beside an old building, he hear some strange voice. It sound like a rotating gear, slow but clearly. Vince look the huge, black house, he decide to get in, he must find someone to ask what is happen in this
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“Knock, knock. Anyone in there?” Vince ask, his voice is shaking. Nobody is answer, the house wall echoed his voice. He scared, he want to leave this strange place, right now! However, when he turn back, try to find he door, he found that the door is disappear. The thick walls around him, he really doesn’t want to move toward, but he has no