Short Story: Foster Home

Words: 439
Pages: 2

He never mentions the baby, Nick was as uninterest as MaryAnn about the baby. The police department had an amber alert out for MaryAnn, being that she was in the foster system, she was the property of the State. Nick saw her face flash on the tv, he told, MaryAnn, “Oh shit! You all over the tv… “ you done ran away again!” he exclaimed, “ MaryAnn said, yeah! from my foster home.” Nick said, “ok stay inside until I come back, I got this girl who can change your look. Nick came back after being out for 2 and a half hours. As they enter the living room, the lady put some dreadlocks in MaryAnn’s hair, so her face wouldn’t be so easily noticed, Nick said, to MaryAnn, “You see how much I have been helping you, I need you to repay me. Don’t bring any more …show more content…
Snow, she’ll take care of you. Nick said to Snow, “you take care of her and make sure you teach her good.” “ MaryAnn had no idea what was about to happen. But she had planned to be with Nick, all night with him. MaryAnn was disappointed, she said, “Damn I thought I was going to stay with you Nick tonight”, He said, go make me some money and then we will be together.” MaryAnn was trained, to become a prostitute that night, Snow made her face up to look older, she made her face she thickens her eyebrows with a brown eyebrows liner, mascara on her eyelash. MaryAnn had no need for false eyelashes her eyelashes were long and dark black, MaryAnn a vanilla skin tone, she looked as if she were mixed with white and black. MaryAnn first john was an old white man. Nick, housed the girls at his sister’s group home, which housed, elderly and mental illness patient, some young and