Short Story Heft

Words: 462
Pages: 2

In the story “Heft”, burdens play a big role in the entirety of the story. Everyone in the story has a burden. For example, Charlene’s addiction is a massive burden that she has. After I read this story, I believe that everyone has a burden in this world. When someone has another person to share their burdens with, then they don’t feel like they are trapped by their burden and can relieve stress and anxiety. Due to the major impact of burden in this story, I believe friendship is the main theme of the story. To begin, Arthur Opp lives an isolated life inside of his apartment. Arthur’s burden is obesity and is the reason why he is isolated. After he was convicted of dating one of his students in a university, he quit and stayed in his apartment …show more content…
His mother is a drug and alcohol addict and struggles to make money. Kel has to make money in the family and the roles between parent and child are switched. To cope with the burden, he plays baseball and wants to become a professional baseball player. This brings another burden because he wants to become a baseball player but he knows that he has to care for his mother. Similarly, because he doesn’t have a real family of his own, he tries to search for a family and home. When he learns that Arthur is his father, he finally finds who his dad is and has a family.

Moreover, Charlene’s burden is to drugs and alcohol. She wants to be a good parent, but because of her addiction, she cannot. This is shown when Charlene asks Arthur to tutor her son showing that she wants to help but she can’t do it herself. This burden creates a dysfunctional family and a bad environment for her son where Kel has to take care of her. In the end she cannot stand the burden and the stress so she suicides by overdosing.

In conclusion, all of these examples show how having someone to share a burden greatly increases happiness. When you keep your burden to yourself, it is almost impossible to be happy and makes you feel like a bomb just waiting to explode. In the end, Arthur and Kel come together and finds friendship in one other to remove their