Short Story: Marshmallow City

Words: 652
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We dedicate this story to people who like to play sports, eat marshmallows, and people with explorative imaginations.

This story is about a young marshmallow named Peter. Peter is a young marshmallow who wants to play basketball.Peter’s chance will soon come to life.On the wall there was a poster that said come and play in our basketball tournament.The only problem was it was far,far away.It was in Marshmallow City. Peter has an idea, so he goes to Jojo’s house. He talks to Jojo and says,“Will you help me get to Marshmallow city?”Jojo says,“Yes I will help you get to Marshmallow City.”After that Peter went to a workout center called Gavin's fitness center.Peter went inside to talk to Gavin to see if he can workout there and Gavin said yes.The only thing is, if I let you work out I will be your coach,said Gavin and Peter said ok.So Gavin became Peter’s coach in basketball.The next day Peter went back to Gavin and told him that a MVP is going to the tournament.So for next day's Gavin trained Peter the best they could be.While Peter was practicing Jojo came through the door and told Peter that he found someone to drive him to Marshmallow City.Peter was happiest kid on earth when he heard that.The competition was three
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He felt like there were butterflies in his stomach.He was nervous because the Grand Prize was a golden basketball. The day before the game Jojo came to pick up Peter for the game that was an hour long.When he picked him up from his brother’s house Jojo told him he can ride in the front seat of the car. It took them two hours to drive to the competition, where it was held in Marshmallow City.Peter was starting to feel those butterflies in his stomach. When he got there they ate at a food court, then when they were done eating they went to the competition to sign forms and learn the rules that said they can’t fight