Short Story: Moving Away

Words: 1652
Pages: 7

Allen sits there, looking into a glass that he can’t see through, he is in a room he doesn’t remember entering. He hears a creak and looks to the left. He sees two men walk through the door. One walks to the table in front of him and sits in the chair at the table. The other man grabs the table and aggressively jumps to Allen’s face and says “So explain to me why I found you lying on the ground shot up and passed out?”
Allen looks at him saying nothing, the man grabs him by his tie and lifts him up screaming in his face “Why did Al Capon want you dead!?!?!?” His friend gets up and touches his shoulder, and moves his head in a gesture to tell the man to move away. He walks up and sits down opening a folder and looks at Allen "Allen Boyd Hathcock, 27” he reads “born in Burlington New Jersey. Now tell me why we found you in Ben's hotel and diner with people killed who worked for Al Capon and you passed out and your colleague dead?"
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The man glares at Allen and says “With all those innocent people, caught in the crossfire you're most likely to get life in prison. So you might as well tell me what happened."
Allen looks at the man that table and he asks for one thing “Can I please have a glass of water?" The man waves his finger to other man to go fetch the glass of water. Once he returned with his water, he would start telling his story. Allen looks at the clock as it goes tick tock tick tock tick tock. Finally the man