Short Story Of A Racist

Words: 270
Pages: 2

Louie started out as a very bad kid. He stole everything, he drank, he smoked, and did everything in between. he let people into the gym for free and he stole all sorts of things from the school. He had pneumonia when he was 2 while he ran down the street naked. He ran the length of a train jumped off the caboose and started walking. His mom picked him up and he said “I knew you’d come back” in Italian. He punched a person in the gut to help his brother then he ran away. He had a wild temper and a very short fuse. He had a 3 foot long pet snake that he used to scare his sister out of an alleyway so he could chase her down, but she locked herself in the car. As was starting high school the depression had come and they started locking people