Short Story Of Emmett's Murder

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How could this happen? A week or two ago we were all having a good time working in the fields. I didn’t know Emmett very long, but I still felt close to him. I remember the day so clearly. It was around August 26th, 1955. We had just gotten done in the fields so we drove up the grocery and meat market to have some refreshments. Emmett always bragged that he had a white girl friend back in Chicago where he’s from. But we never believed him. He said he could prove us wrong, so he decided to put on a little show. We were outside of the market, because a couple of black kids all walking into a shop at the same time would “cause problems”. Emmett picked up some gum and walked up to the counter, but after he payed something happened between the cashier and himself. Emmett ran out of the store and the cashier ran to a nearby truck and picked up a gun. What could Emmett have said or did to make the woman so angry? …show more content…
Moses’ house is usually pretty quiet and mellow, so on August 28th, 1955 when I heard all the ruckus at 2:30 in the morning, I knew something was wrong. It was still dark out so I couldn’t see much from my bedroom window. All I could see was a big pick up truck and two white men outside of Moses’ house. What I heard I’ll never forget. “Where is he, Moses!?” said one of the men, “Let us talk to him a little!” said the other. Moses was reluctant and wouldn’t let them in. The next thing I know Moses is on the ground and the two men were carrying someone out of the house. Who could those men be? Who are they carrying? Why would they do this? Those three questions never left my