Short Story Of Pi

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The Frenchman

Just as Pi was blind, near death and beginning to lose hope that he would survive, he crosses paths with a Frenchman in another lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific who, just like Pi, claims to be blind. The Frenchman has also run out of supplies such as food and water and asks Pi if he has anything to spare, which he doesn’t. The two men talk to each other for a while when Pi decides to tell a meaningless story about a banana with the hopes that it would make them both feel better. The story does nothing to satisfy their needs so the Frenchman continues to ask about the supplies Pi has. He then finds out that Pi once had cigarettes but that he ate them. This is when the Frenchman starts to change his behaviour all of a sudden as he calls Pi a “stupid boy” and asks why eh would do such a thing when he could have traded them. Pi obviously never thought he would meet anyone so he just dismisses the question. The Frenchman goes on and on about how he could have traded for a boot. Pi has no use for a boot because you cannot really eat a boot and it goes against his Hindu religion, which believes that cows are very sacred. After a couple minutes the Frenchman acts strangely once again as he admits that there was no boot. Pi doesn’t seem too bothered by this and invites the Frenchman to “feast on each others company”. This was a harmless invitation but it seems that this placed an idea into the Frenchman’s mind so when he arrived on Pi’s boat, he jumps on Pi and