Short Story On Ferrets

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Ringgg! As the bell rang, Timmy ran to the bus to go home. Ten minutes later, Timmy jumped on the couch and turned on the TV. The show was the National Geographic one about ferrets. Timmy was in love with ferrets because they are so cool and small and soft.
Timmy walked in the living room. Dad was watching TV too. Timmy said, “Can I have a ferret?”
“How much do they cost?”
“300 dollars,” Timmy said sadly.
Dad jumped up. “300 dollars! Get a job, son!” Dad yelled.
“But I’m nine, I’m too little,” said Timmy.
“Well, yes, but I don’t get paid 300 dollars!” Dad yelled.
“So now what?” Timmy yelled.
“Well, you can take the trash out for a year. I will give you one dollar a day,” said Dad.
“Deal,” mumbled Timmy.
A month later, it was December thirtieth. One day left for taking out the trash. Timmy sang as he walked to get the trash.
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He looked around. Then he saw a brown ferret. He asked his dad if he could get it and Dad said yes, so he got a cage and food and water.
When he got home, he set up the cage, and then dropped the ferret inside the cage. He was so happy he had finally got a ferret.
On January second, Timmy’s ferret got sick. Timmy’s dad took Timmy’s ferret to the veterinarian to be cheeked. It took a long time to get to the veterinarian. The doctor said, “Timmy’s ferret has an infection.”
“The ferret has an infection?” Dad