Short Story On Like An Indian

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The story is about a young girl that has self-esteem issues due to a conversation she had overheard when she was a seventh grader. Between who she thought was her best friend and some guy that they had been talking to on a CB (citizens band) that called himself “lightning bolt”. Her friend who was named “Terri” got jealous when she was talking to this boy and he asked her what her friend looked like. Terri being jealous and a bad friend told lightning bolt that her friend was flat chested and that she had an Indian nose like really bad. Terri and the guy laughed about this while not knowing that our main character had overheard what Terri had said. She of course left very upset and never spoke to Terri again but that comment about her nose looking like an Indians, really affected her and now that she was finally a senior she wanted to look perfect in her senior pictures so she had to remember to squeeze her nose so it wouldn’t look Indian. The moral of the story is that we have to be careful with what we say about other people because it could hurt there feeling and how they see themselves. …show more content…
In the story we see how much it affects the main character when Terri said” Yeah, and she also has this, this nose a nose like …. Like an Indian”. In this quote from the story we see how insulting this description is meant to be, not really caring how this might affect the other character if they were to hear it which she did. we all know how mean teenagers can be but when we trust someone we do not expect them to talk about us like that to others which is probably what made it worse for the main character. Then we come to this quote which proves my