Short Story: Personal Essay

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There was a lound bang next to my head, as of a instant I stepped back it was a gun that made the sound my experice came instantly years of being a guardian watching the person that was gave to me to guard and to protect even with my own live if was necessary . My hand came hard against his head not stopping to see what he would do, my hand went forward in a upper cut that would kill, if done wonrg with all my effult to not kill him. My powerful muscles sent him rolling backwards in the pocess dropping the gun. The guy didn’t get back up, but thankfully he was not dead I could see his chest moveing . Everyone one on the bus looked up to see but it was already over. Dimeti wat just happen Jesse, I just remembered that my friend was with me. My eyes must of gave it away because a second later she was in my arms. She was looking at my face with those big blue eyes that knew me so well. You cant protect everyone she said as I looked down to see what was her expreseion. But my eyes never got that far I heard a well know sound that I guess I was waiting for, a cocking of a gun. But before he had a chance to point it my way, he got a boot to the face.
There was a time that I was the best of what I did for people I was a instructor people would look up to me now I was looking for someone that was invisible. I couldn’t find him, he said that he would kill me, if he saw me again. There was away that I new that it my be the last time I could prove my self to be the best that there was, there was somethink that I needed to prove, I got back to the motel. All I wanted was a little sleep. Come to find out there was someone waiting for me, Dimitri its been a long time, Stephenie said I I came around the corner. I knew that she wasn’t reading a paper in the waiting room in the motel. Why did you come Stephanie, Dimitri said I knew before she said what happened she had a new bruiseon her cheek that was coverd up with make up that was not easly seen unless you were looking at them at close range, is the school ok. Before she said anythink I knew somethink happened somethink very bad. Way didn’t have call me, Dimitri its your daughter shes been taken when she said that her expesissoin changed to sorrow, the first time in all my life I almost did somethink without thinking I always planed thinks, thought about everythink in my head. I just stopped thinking altogether I just could not believe that sarah would be gone all of this happen in less thin a minute, she contentued with the Dark ones come in the night as always we had a big room in the back unguarded I knew somethink would happen so I guarded it my self and It happened so fast I heard the fire alarm and bam somethink hit me with so much force that I hit the ground before I new what happened. I sat down on the chair be hind use and thought if they have her then we have a very small window, when did it happen Dimitri asked. Last night Stephanie said, looking at my at&t phone I new that I have less time thin I needed to get her back. Getting out of the chair faster then a regular human can soon as we can we need to get back to base and figure at were they went after they attack the school.