Short Story: Sam's School

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Rock Bottom Elementary
Three kids, best friends to be exact, were walking down Elmer Street near the town Rock Bottom. Sam, a tall, skinny, very athletic kid was the leader of this three group posse. Jaclyn, a nerdy, somewhat shy girl who always liked to wear bright green turtle necks, was the brains of the group. Lastly, Shawn, a very lazy, mischievous, and adventurous rebel was the risk-taker of the group. As they were walking down Elmer Street laughing about how ridiculous Jaclyn looked in her green turtle neck, they spotted this old lady with grey white shaggy hair. She was wearing old rags as clothes and had a gold shiny cane in her left hand. She was holding out a cup for money so it was noticeable that the woman was homeless. As the three friends approached this old ragged woman, they started to hear words mumbling out of her mouth like she was possessed and then came foam appearing out of the sides of her lips like a savage pit bull. The friends were so scared and frightened they ran as fast as they could away from this possessed beggar. As they turned a corner, the beggar yelled at them with her fists pumping in the air.
The three friends had safely run away and made it back to Sam’s house, the current hang out spot for the group. As they were talking in Sam’s room about what had just happened, his older brother Josh walked in. Sam told him all about it. When Sam finished telling the story, Josh stood there for a good minute just blankly staring at the back wall as if he was in a trance. The three friends were kind of worried about Josh as he just stood there staring a blank stare. When he came to his senses, he began to tell the friends the story behind the old beggar that he had heard from a friend. They were intrigued to find out where this lady had came from and what she used to be. Josh started off saying her real name was Clarabelle. She used to be a school teacher at this old, run down school near the outskirts of the town of Rock Bottom called Rock Bottom Elementary. As Josh talked, it seemed as if he was telling a scary ghost story with his voice in a low, quiet pitch. He said when the school was closed down by the government; Clarabelle got laid off with no place to go. As the school collected with dust, the old lady found her way through a broken and shattered window into the old school. Everyone now says that she lives in that school and uses kids as tinder for her boiling black pot of a bubbling green liquid. Josh says that the mumbling they heard out of her mouth was a secret curse that came out of her witch book. As Josh finished his story, Sam and Jaclyn were both staring blankly at the white wall across from them but Shawn was not convinced. He was very skeptical of this story. On the other hand Sam and Jaclyn could not believe what they had just heard. They got the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.
Because of Shawn’s curiosity, he dared them to go with him to check out this so called “scary” school to see if the beggar was really there. They all said no way until Shawn said he would give them each two dollars, to which they both immediately agreed. The next night at eleven o’clock sharp the three friends dressed up in all black, flashlights in hand, and stared at the old school from a small hill across from it. They were all nervous and scared, not knowing what will happen. Questions ran through their head like: “Will I come out of the school alive?”, “What if the beggar catches us?”, and “Will she use us as tender for her bubbling green liquid?” As these thoughts rushed in and out of their heads, Shawn finally had the courage to get up and start walking towards the towering devil castle of education. Sam and Jaclyn instantly followed being scared to be left alone on the hill. As they made it to the dirt patch that used to be the parking lot, a faint glow of the orange blood moon shined on the shadowy building. The wind was racing through the dark limbs of the nearby trees, making the