Short Story 'Sound Of Thunder'

Words: 426
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In the short story “Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury, A group of men travel back in time to hunt bigger game. While they are there, they changed the environment a little, and they ended up messing up the present. I think that the author is talking about how choices you make in life can seriously affect your future. A couple things that prove this are how making a few footprints in the mud can change the future, or how even choosing to go time traveling changed his life. Mr. Eckels was a big hunter, he loved to do it, but regular game hunting wasn’t as thrilling to him anymore, so he decided to spend ten thousand dollars on a time traveling trip to hunt a t-rex. “The muscles around his mouth formed a smile as he put his hand slowly out upon …show more content…
He chickened out of the hunt, and while the guides shot at the dinosaur, he watched and wasn’t paying attention to where he was headed. When the guides see his muddy shoes, they consider leaving him there, but eventually they decided that he should dig the bullets out of the t-rex, get back in the time machine, and pray he didn’t mess anything up.The story never says how the footprints affected history, but it sure did. When they got back, they asked who won the election, only to find out that the footprints made the other candidate win the election instead of Keith. “You joking? You know very well. Deutscher, of course! Who else?” (Bradbury 44) This ultimately ended up getting Eckels shot, hence the name “Sound of Thunder” In conclusion, the readers should know that the little choices in life can have a huge impact, and should be taken seriously. In the story, Eckels proved this point by making the bad choice to not pay attention and walk off the path. That could have been easily avoided if he would have just hunted standard game or found another hobby. These choices ended up killing Eckels, and there are certainly some choices in our own lives that could potentially kill us