Short Story: The Hoodie Man

Words: 204
Pages: 1

“Aye homie!” The hoodie man exclaimed, “You for real ain’t gone lower the price bro? Well I got a new plug on the phone.” “Then use your other plug, I’m not lowering the price. These are some quality rocks straight outta Columbia.” The mystery man walked inside the hotel that he was staying in. This only fueled the crack head’s rage; he swung the door open and fixed his mask he had over his mouth for the cold winter night. He walked upstairs and got on the phone with the other dealer. “So you got some rocks for the low,” The hoodie guy asked. “Who that be,” the mystery man interrogated. The plug thought that the hoodie man was trying to set him up so he quickly hung up the phone. “Bruh that was the plug!” He began to point at the phone angrily.