Short Story: Toucan Danny

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Michael Garcia Per.02 Toucan Danny Casually one Monday night, Danny was strolling down 49th street. Danny is a young man in his early 20's, semi-tan, tall and very slim. He has short brown hair, spiked at the front, closely shaved in the back. His eyes are a dark shade of brown and has a very beaked nose as well as an angular face. It was around 9:35 pm as he walked aimlessly next to the heavy traffic, horns honking and older hispanic men yelling. He sees a lot people arguing and screaming a block or two down but ignores it and keeps walking. The screaming gradually increases and thats when Danny starts to pay attention to the commotion. He sees a herd of people chasing a little blonde girl in a frilly pink dress. She runs by Danny grabing his hand and placing something in it. He stares baffled at the girl and then at group of men running past him. Danny looks to his hand and sees a roughly cut stone, blue with white markings. The white markings resembles a large bird but he couldn't tell which. Danny thought to himself "Maybe this has some worth, I'll take it home to see what it really is". Danny starts to run home which is not that far him when all of a sudden his hand starts to tingle very lightly. He opens his hand and tries to remove the stone with the other but he can't. His hand starts burning as the rock introduces itself into his hand. He tries harder to take it off and the pain grows,