Short Story: Whisked Away

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Whisked Away
The agony of anticipation was almost over. The horrible three months of waiting was coming down to the last final hours. The fantasies of what was to come danced in my head. 24-7 all you can eat ice cream, basking in the sweet golden rays while I nibble on my fresh fruit and cheese platter, the tropical see-through waters were getting closer and closer. It was all becoming reality. The car ride could not be any longer. As we finally pulled up to the dock I am greeted by the sight of the vessel that will be carrying me for the next eight days. My uncle handed over the car to valet and we made our way to the terminal. It is only me and my carry-on. My family is sitting next to me and together we are barely patient. Luckily, we are chosen to be V.I.P and board early. As I walk into the lobby, I was given a pamphlet of activities the ship has to offer and I stow it away in my carry-on for safe keeping so I may tend to it later, the view that was in front of me was much more important. The lobby was patterned with marble floors. The ceilings were so high that they looked as if they were scraping the sky. I was mesmerized. While we were waiting for our cabins to become available, we did what any normal person would do and explored the ship. I never knew how something so gigantic could sail the ocean seas. Walking through the ship there were panoramic windows that dressed the sides and allowed access for the sun to bathe the inside with light. Wherever you go on the main floor the marble floors followed. There were clubs for adults and teens, cocktail stops, a theatre, a comedy hall and even a place to drop the kiddies off. It was nothing short of stupendous. As we made our way to the Lido deck the Caribbean music paraded my ears. The crisp salty breeze was gentle and calming. The sweet redolence of freshly baked buns danced into my nostrils. I grabbed a plate and jumped in line for my first meal, still unable to believe that I was not dreaming. As I was finishing my meal I glanced around trying to find a trash can so I could discard my leftovers. There was no trash can in sight and before I knew it a waiter was at my side to take my tray for me. I was completely in love. This luxurious treatment, this party atmosphere, these activities, I had decided that this all-inclusive experience was going to be the best vacation ever.
Our bon voyage drinks in hand, my cousin, aunt, uncle and I made our way to the top deck to offer our goodbyes to the people offering theirs down below. As soon as we set sea I realized that my cellphone would soon stop working and I would have no access to a computer. Being a teenager of course I thought that it would be dreadful, but to my surprise it made my trip more relaxing. Before you knew it our rooms were ready for our arrival and I could not wait to unlock the door. Two quiet little beds appeared before me. I dropped my suitcase and flung my body on to the feathery mattress. It was only my cousin and I in this room. My parents were next door. While my cousin went to do a little more exploring I decided to put my clothes away and prepare for dinner. At dinner the dining room was filled with ambient gold light. The walls were maroon and each table was draped delicately with a crème colored table cloth. We were soon assigned to a table and introduced to a cordial wait staff to tend to our every need. On the menu there is course after course and I could choose as many servings as I wanted. If there was something I didn't like, I could get something else. If I wanted three lobster tails, I would have three lobster tails. Talk about luxury. I decided on the lobster. The succulent tender meat was drenched in lemon-butter and the seasoning gave it a kick of spice. It was by far my favorite entrée from the whole trip.
After dinner, my cousin and I made our way to the teen club in hopes of finding a few friends. The club was illuminated with color. There were also plastic chairs scattered