Short Summary: Race And Identity In The American Experience

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Race and Identity in the American Experience
The race and identity of America are multicultural. America is known as the rainbow nation because all races in the world are present. The richness of diversity in the country can be seen by the cross-cultural relations and exposure. The American culture has aspects of cultures from all over the world, and it can be seen in things such as food. For example, pizza is a delicacy that was invented in Italy, but it is popular in America. The country was built by emigrants who ran away from oppression in their home countries to realize their dreams in America. The American dream is about making all dreams possible through hard work. The diversity of the nation is a pillar of the social, economic
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A person from any part of the world is free to settle in America and make the best out of the opportunities granted to him or her in accordance with the American dream. The American experience of race and identity is an example to the rest of the world that people can overcome challenges and coexist in harmony. Challenges along the way are supposed to make the society stronger. All cultures have something to bring to the development of the nation by the uniqueness of their customs. America is celebrated as the most multicultural nations in the world. The advantages of the diversity can be seen by the ability of American to socialize quickly with people from other parts of the world. Additionally, they adapt well to all social environments. The clash of the American culture with other cultures is very minimal since it is a blend of many cultures. It does not have unique attributes. Even with the diversity of the American culture, individuals should seek to find out something about their original homeland. History gives individuals identity, which is important for self-evaluation. Losing identity can be equated with the loss of self. Therefore, parents and grandparents should always endeavor to pass knowledge to their children about their past. Consequently, the children will do the same and it can be passed down to the coming generations through