Short Term 12 Vs Beowulf Essay

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An epic about loathsome monsters and a modern movie about a woman in charge of a troubled teen facility normally would not be compared at all. However, the two have very similar elements that go hand in hand. One could argue that massive, people eating monsters have no comparison to abusive parents, but the two actually have quite a bit in common. For example, there are no abnormal creatures in the troubled teen facility, but the children experience monsters themselves: their parents. Whether it’s Beowulf saving the Danes from Grendel or Grace saving the children from danger, every story has it’s own hero. Although Beowulf is an original epic novel, modern day movies such as Short Term 12 share the same patterns of literature. A quest can be defined as a purposeful journey or a voyage to a specific destination. Almost every story has a quest, or a destination that the main character or quester is trying to reach. In Beowulf, Beowulf himself takes a journey to the Danes with a goal to kill Grendel who has been eating people for 12 years. On the other hand, in Short Term 12, the abused children turn to the facility for love and care. …show more content…
Whether the main character is setting out on a quest or experiencing an inner-journey, they both have a purpose for the expedition. The two pieces also share the deed of communion in the form of gatherings. In some circumstances, these meetings may end or halt for a short period of time due to people eating monsters that are out to destroy the good in communion. Furthermore, monsters attack Beowulf and the children both physically and mentally. Lastly, Beowulf and Grace exemplify their courage and strength as heroes to save lives. These works of literature were written in different times and are different genres, but they still have similar patterns. Literature conveys the idea of