Short Writing: A Day At The Pulmonary Office

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Unknown 1
Professor Unknown
A Day at the Pulmonary Office The sun is rising, it’s 6:05 am and the violet sky was gleaming. As I sat in my black Escalade listening to Rock with You by Michael Jackson, I stared at the beautiful sky. I took a sip of my sweltering hot Pumpkin Spice Latte, which smells like fresh pumpkin doughnuts from the cider mill, from Starbucks as I park my car into my reserved spot, right next to my office door. I turn my car off with a push of a button with my right hand and open my door hurriedly with my left hand and hop out. I turn around to grab my brown MK purse, shut the door and lock the car. Walking in the office with black doctor shoes, grey slacks and a black button down shirt with a white lab coat on that has Dr. Unknown stitched into the left upper pectoral area, I head into the office to start my day. As I walk in the office I grab my purse and grab my keys out of it. I grab the only key of three keys with a purple ring around it, to quickly identify that it’s my office key, and unlock my big brown door. I first open my beige blinds on the door to let the office members know I am in the office. I set my purse down between my legs, under my desk, and sit in my sliding black chair and get to business. I open my IMac pro book and begin my work for the day.
I first open up my email and look to see if any patients, doctors, employees, or other businesses emailed me during the night. Today there is none. I then open up my scheduling for the day to see what patients I have for the day. I hit the link with the one that has the number on it. Today it says seventeen. I have seventeen patients today back after back. “Golly, we have a busy and tight schedule, which is bad because we don’t have room for emergency appointments,” as I spoke to myself. I then click on the side
Unknown 2 to see who scheduled all these people today. As I told myself “I need to speak to the receptionist so this doesn’t happen again.” The first patient doesn’t come in till 11 o’clock am and its only 7:55 am. I then sat down to get some paper work done. It is 10:30 am, and the receptionists, RNs, and PAs are finally in. I go to the kitchen to warm up a Weight Watchers lasagna bowl for lunch and to chat with my employees to tell them what’s going on for the day. As I go through the schedule of the day, all eyes are gazing on the shiny white microwave looking at the lasagna spin around in a circular motion warming up, as they smell the tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese scent pouring out of the closed microwave door. I chuckle a little bit and continue with the conversation. “Today we are overbooked; I’m not going to name names but someone booked way too many people today so we need to be on top of things and ready to go.” The loud beep coming from the microwave goes off. I say “Ah, my lunch is ready!” I finish off the conversation by saying, “Everyone, let’s all have a good day and get in and out of here with no problems! Break!” I then walk over to the microwave grab my lunch and begin to eat. At 11 o’clock the first patient is here. The RN walks out the big brown doors that lead to the patient room, to get the patient back to a room so I can take a look at her. She called the patient, and the patient came walking toward her. First the RN stopped at the beginning of the brown doors where in front of it was a green chair, scale, thermometer, and a blood pressure cuff with the blood pressure machine attached to it. She asked the patient to “stand on the scale,” she weighed her and wrote it down in her file. Then she asked her to take a seat in the chair. The patient slowly sat in the green chair. The RN said “I’m going to take your temperature; will you open your mouth and lift your tongue up?” as she was getting a probe to stick the temperature stick in, then took her temperature. “97.8” she read off and put the thermometer down and wrote down the number in the file. She then asked her