Should Cigarette Smoking Be Banned? Essay

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Argument Essay
ENG 101-05
Nov 19, 2012

Should Cigarette Smoking Be Banned?

The harms of smoking have become more popular around the world. In my country many people die every year .You could also find more information about these problem in the many websites on the internet which discuss this problem also when you go to any hospital you will see many photos on the walls that considers about effects problem smoking. Smoking has a lot of disadvantages than advantages for us. Smoking habit can lead to many cancers and heart disease, secondhand smoke exposures to smoking and the effect of youth smoking.
In this past decade, the rate of smokers has been quite low, but every day 3000 people start smoking. That equals about
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Teen smoking has always been a factor in America, especially during High School. That is when teens are most likely to pick up the habit. We are constantly around people that smoke and usually offered cigarettes when they do smoke. If smoking is so bad for you then why do so many teens smoke? Because they don't know how badly it is for them. A recent study conducted by shows that teen smoking (ages 10-19) has increased 24% in the last 4 years. The prevention and reduction of cigarette smoking by adolescents could be an important intervention against depression, according to a National Research Council survey"(The Medical Post). A national research council telephoned almost eight thousand teen s thrower the United States. Their studies showed that teen smokers are more likely to develop depression syndromes than teens that have never smoked. The study also showed the females are 15.6% more likely to develop depression syndromes from smoking than males”
Why is tobacco so addicting? It is because nicotine acts as a stimulant, which is stimulating the mind, body, and spirit. When the body tolerance levels high then one ends up needing to use larger doses of nicotine to maintain a certain level of the physiological effect. When the body becomes accustomed to the presence of nicotine, it then requires the use of the chemical to help the body to function normally. This level of dependence is referred to as an addiction.