Should College Athletes Get Overpaid Essay

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From the time that the NCAA started to now, college athletes never have gotten paid, the NCAA needs to reward these players who work so hard, with money before the players protest and college sports become extinct, which would be awful. Some people might say that professional athletes get overpaid and a few say they should not get paid, but nobody at any point realizes that college athletes do not obtain pay for their dedication and their hard work. College athletes really need the pay for many significant purposes it is like working full time for no reason. Athletes spend on average around 40 hours of their time a week dedicated to their sport, which people know is very exhausting and painful it is like carrying a hippo on your back for a long time. Also, assuming that college athletes get paid, it would make the league way more competitive because the players are playing for a higher pay. In addition, not only would the athletes benefit from the pay from playing the sport they would also benefit from the pay by learning …show more content…
There is many benefits to having college athletes paid. One of the reasons being that the pay would not only help them with buying food and a place to live but it would help them in the future with jobs. An additional cause is that, the NCAA football, hockey, baseball and other sports would become way more competitive because of the payment they are getting. Also, athletes spend on average 40 hours weekly playing their sport and practicing their sport because not only do they want to play better but they want the team to be better. This is a rising problem and people need to support it before something horrific happens. Nobody knows the hard work and feelings of these players and the NCAA needs to stop this problem as soon as