Should Condoms Be Given Out In High Sch Essay

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Should condoms be given out in high schools? Every single day high school students deal with putting themselves at risk for pregnancies, sexual transmitted diseases, and emotional turmoil. Of course instead of teens thinking about their consequences, more and more teens are becoming sexually active without knowing about the precautions to take when being sexually active. Would providing teens with condoms in high school decrease the risk of pregnancies, sexual transmitted diseases, and emotional turmoil? Providing teens with condoms will greatly decrease the risk of pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases. Teens that are sexually active will have sex with or without a condom so providing teens with condoms at total confidentiality would make most teens feel comfortable enough to make the responsible decision to use one. Some people will argue that distributing condoms to high school teens is misleading and will give the impression to teens that it is okay to be sexually active as long as you are using protection. I on the other hand beg to differ on the argument that teens are giving the impression that it is okay to have sex as long as they are using protection. Every teenager is completely different, not one teenager is exactly like the other. Teens are very misunderstood; teens are capable of making good decisions as long as they are informed about a subject. Society needs to face the reality that that teens are engaging in unprotected sex because they of the lack of availability of protection. The society wants to blame the media for advertising that sex is cool. Teenagers are maturing faster this century than any other century. If teens are educated well enough on all the options that are available than teens are capable of making the right decisions even with the media and peer pressure influencing them. Some people are against giving teenagers full access to condoms because they feel that it is morally unacceptable. What those people do not understand is that not all teens care if sex is morally just or not. So the best way to successfully reduce these risks it to stop trying to force teens into abstinence. One of the most number one things teens hate the most is when someone is telling them what they should and should not do. Therefore, if teens are educated on the matter of being protected than they will make the right decision. Of course abstinence is the only one hundred percent way to be completely protected, but for the teens who decide not to wait need to be able to know the safest way to prevent issues like pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Not only should condoms be accessed to teens but also comprehensive sex education should be taught instead of abstinence-only sex education. Not only is abstinence taught but it also covers contraceptive and disease-prevention methods like condom use. If it were taught in high school than the teens would be well aware about prevention that needs to be taken care of if sexually active and the consequences of sex when protection is not used and even with a condom in use. Teens may struggle with sexuality, teens do struggle more if their decision to have sex without a condom because of the embarrassment of buying protection or not being available to