Should Corporations Consider Extra Marketing Among Homosexuals Field

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Should corporations consider extra marketing among homosexuals field? LI YUENI


2.The homos’ mental background……………………………. 2.1 the homosexuals situation in the world 2.2 homos market situation in the world

1. Introduction

The awareness of homosexual issue currently has expressed in the public society. We can find out that in the outset of the homo issue, it hides in the society, but in these decades, the homo consumers’ behavior has efficient influence on the marketing and consumer research. (John Dececco 2013) as the strong business competition,many firms plan to join to the homo market. But, the value of the homos’ market and the potential of the homos market, seem hardly to exploit and search. In this proposal, I would like to prove the homo market is a potential and valued market for many firms. It is worth to do extra marketing in this field.

2.The homos’ background
2.1 The homos’ mental background
People who are homo depend on their gene called INAH3. This gene in gay men is significant smaller than it in straight men. (Simon LeVay,1991) other reasons may be caused with special environment. (dean hamer,2013)

Till the end of nineteenth century, the homosexuality has been invented (Karl-Maria Kertbeny) instead of the pejorative word-pederast. But in a long period, the society has divided the homosexuality as a kind of mental disease. In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association removes the homosexual word out of the mental diseases list.

2.2 the homos situation in the world
Form the public point of view, the attitude is hard to identify. Nowadays, there are some persons also cannot accept the homo culture, especially, in mid East areas. Because of their religions, exposing their sexual orientation would arise negative influence for their whole family. Conversely, this issue has a positive situation in some others countries recent years, the homosexual culture are been accept by the government. Their marriages are legal in some countries including Finland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Uruguay, France, Brazil, Denmark ,Argentina ,ice island Sweden in Norway, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Canada ,South Africa and the Netherlands, in some areas of United States of America, United Kingdom and Mexico.

During these years, more and more celebrities recognized their homosexual orientation. For instance, the CEO of apple cooperation-Tim Cook, in 30thOctober 2014, had exposure that he is a gay through the business journal. Arise the concentration to homo culture and also promotes it to a positive aspect does not like used to be. And Mark Zuckerberg-the CEO of Facebook and the CEO of Real Network-Robert Glaser all present a positive attitude to him and said ‘ it will give a positive example to the homo adolescent,who were suffering about their sexual orientation’.

2.3 homos market situation in the world
As the gay issue gets more close to our daily lives and comes out into the open. In the market, it is important to every corporation too. From the views of some researchers, they point out that there are twenty million new customers who are gay and lesbian. According to this book, it said that in the early years, there are some gay groups in the Greenwich Village area of New York City. In these areas, there are some commercial institutions of gay characterized such as gay restaurants, travel agencies, bars, bathhouses, bookstores, clothing stores, and many other kinds of stores. (John De Cecco,1997). After a long period, these gay culture and consumers expand more wildly, as well as in the whole world. It is early gay culture in America and has been written in the book. (Michael Stuber, 2002)

Many corporations have already put the homosexuals in