Should Drinking Age Be Lowered Essay

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Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered? Imagine driving home from work or school and BOOM! You have just been in a car crash because the other driver is under aged for drinking, so they drink secretly without anyone watching them. This is what happens when the drinking age is set too high for “adults”. The state is putting all their people in trouble, setting the drinking age too high because kids are drinking anyway. The drinking age should be lowered from twenty-one to eighteen. The drinking age should be lowered because it is just way too high. There are also health risks because of this issue. Men drink five or more within two hours, and women drink four or more within two hours. More alcohol consumption may …show more content…
For example, Cuba have different styles. In Cuba, seventeen year olds are considered as adults, but in the US one must wait to turn eighteen to be considered as an adult. The legal drinking age is as low as sixteen because Cuba really doesn’t have a drinking age. On the other hand, In America, one must be twenty-one. They also give out wristbands saying that if the person is old enough, but in Canada is like the opposite of the US. In Canada there are college students who drink, but in the US students drink more heavily. Forty-one percent of Americans versus thirty-five percent of Canadians are reported as heavy alcohol use. In Canada, most college students live with their parents, and the students in the US use the dorms provided for them. The US even consumes more than Canada. in the US one has to show their ID if the person selling the alcohol to one feels suspicious. Canada is like the opposite of the US. In the European countries the drinking age is fascinating. The teenagers in the European countries are more responsible compared to the ones in the US. This is because the US has their drinking age too high. There are fewer dangers with intoxication than the US. Some parents choose to introduce alcohol to their children, but in the US, parents really don’t have the right to show their kids alcohol because of our drinking