Should Drinking Age Be Raised To 21 Essay

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What is your opinion on the drinking age in the United States that is currently 21? Should the drinking age be raised or lowered? I think the drinking age should be raised to 25. I think it should be raised because the human brain isn't fully developed until 25, It would reduce youth alcohol problems, and would reduce accidents and deaths.

My first reason for thinking the drinking age should be raised is because the human brain isn't fully developed or matured until age 25.If their brain isn't fully matured then why let them drink? Since their brains aren't fully developed and matured they don’t think things through and don’t think about the consequences of their actions, and are more likely to make bad choices and decisions based on scientific
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If it was raised you wouldn’t hear of or see as many teens being rehabilitated. 4.5 million teens world wide have drinking problems and have been put in Rehabilitation Centers all over the world. Studies have shown that since teens are able to get the alcohol ,they misuse and drink it for the wrong reasons. Teens drink to make them feel better about themselves, peer pressure, to be more like adults, relief and even because they are bored. So why give it to them? Allowing these teens to access alcohol so easily is risking their health and increasing their chance to acquire alcohol problems like binge drinking, heavy drinking, and long term mental issues, physical issues, and even worse- death. The counter argument for this statement would be that many people think you should let teens live their life while they are teens and not grown adults, instead of them waiting until they are adults and then decide its time to drink and live life because they never got to. So it would be better for them to experience it earlier in life rather than later in life when they have a family and or adult responsibilities.

My last reason to support my claim is that raising the drinking age would reduce the amount of accidents and deaths. 65% of teens get hospitalized or buried because of an alcohol related event. There are plenty of incidents that take place all around the world