Should Ex Felons Be Allowed To Vote

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Not allowing ex felons to vote is morally erroneous. It violates the Eighth amendment, the 15th amendment, and it is anti democratic. The right to vote is one of the most fundamental rights a human being should be entitled to. Once a felon is discharged from prison they are clean, free and permitted to go wherever they desire. Isn’t that the motive for prisons? Everyone makes mistakes, they deserve to receive a second chance in fixing that mistake to restore their dignity and reputation from the past errors that they made in their life. However not all states believe that ex-felons should be allowed to vote and that should be rectified. States such as Florida situates judges and courts that deny ex felons regardless the statements that ex felons bring to them. As today, we know that the United States has one of the lowest voting participation percentages as an urban and prosperous country. Not allowing …show more content…
Most Americans concur that Felons should be able to vote after they served their time. The 8th amendment on the U.S constitution that prohibits cruel and unusual punishments goes against this amendment. It will only produce more problems rather than curing it. They would see themselves as a person who has no potential to improve themselves. States require them to pay fees and fines, writing essays, obtaining letter of recommendation, similarly back to poll taxes and literacy tests. There are politicians that frequently break the law along with violating the constitution that are not brought up to justice, but they are still able to vote. The Eighth amendment is to condone torture or barbarous penalties. Ex felons can change the way they act based on their experiences and circumstances. There is a vast majority of ex felons living outside in their communities where 12 states ban them from voting