Should Football Be Banned Persuasive Essay

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When thinking about America, many people think about fast food and obesity, but for me what comes to mind is Football. A lot of Americans growing up have football as a part of their life specifically among boys. Over the years, though, many smaller cities around the country have watched their football programs dwindle down in numbers mainly because of the increased number of concussions that have nearly doubled since the 1990s. While parents get more paranoid with increased injuries, I believe that the benefits of playing football will benefit a child tremendously even with the risk of injuries. With youth sports, we usually think about learning the fundamentals and instructional leagues; leagues that are more relaxed where a child can learn the rules of the game. We do not …show more content…
A question was asked to multiple people, who were all involved in their respective football communities, on whether or not tackling at such a young age should be banned. There responses were all the same as they believed tackling should stick around. Josh Vanderbush, who is a professor at Georgia State University, had a very strong reaction to the question. “Absolutely Not! A lot of injuries in football occur because of improper tackling techniques. Not only does it happen in youth football, but it occurs at the professional level as well. The NFL has launched a program, at the youth level, that specifically targets and teaches the proper and safe ways to tackle. By teaching tackling fundamentals at the lowest level of competition, injuries and head trauma will be significantly lower in the future at every level of competition”(Vanderbush, 2013). Vandeqrbush had a very strong opinion on this question and said that the problem was not only at the youth level, but at the professional lever too. Kids need to practice fundamentals day in and day