Should Founding Fathers Be Allowed To Fight For Freedom

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Our founding fathers lived in a time where people froze to death, starvation was a frequent problem, and war was inevitable. They could have had an easier life and avoided many of their problems if they had just lived the status quo If they had not gone against the British, there would not have been a need to fight. If they had not stood up to the British, many of George Washington's army never would have had to go without shelter during the freezing winter at Valley Forge. Yet, they did choose to stand up to the British. They chose to fight for liberty and for justice. However, many of those people who fought for our country's freedom, did not ever fully enjoy the blessings of liberty. For example, Benjamin Franklin is one of our country's founding fathers, and by the time the Declaration of Independence was signed, Franklin was already seventy years old. Our founding fathers did so much work and endured so much hardship, not so that they could have an easy life, but so that their children might have a better life than they had. …show more content…
I've always done it, so I assume anybody who wants to go to church could go if they'd like to. Waking up early every day to be on time to school can sometimes feel like a burden. However, when I take a step back, I realize that all do not have the privilege of choosing how they worship and not everyone has the privilege of receiving a good education. The freedoms that I enjoy are not free, they were paid for by our forefathers. They were willing to take on a harder life so that each of us could have a greater chance at prosperity. I am so grateful for our founding fathers who made so many sacrifices, so that we can have so many