Should Freedom Of Speech Be Allowed In Schools

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Would you like to be limited to what learners are able what they are able to express in school say in school and not be able to freely talk about what you believe in? I would not want to be limited to what I am able to say or not be able to say what I believe in. Freedom of speech in schools should be allowed because it promotes communication skills, can make new friendships, and kids can promote good causes.
Communication is the fundamental building block of a child's development. The first reason why freedom of speech should be allowed in schools is that it promotes communication skills. Kids get the chance to speak out to other kids and share their opinion with other kids. This could lead to conversations between kids which could be good for kids later in life. It also leads to arguments through which could be a good thing to learn on how you support your idea against a person who does not agree with you. Communication skills are important because they can help kids later on in life to get a job and live a productive life and make new friendships which are very important. Another reason that freedom of speech should be allowed in schools is that friendships can be made. While they are promoting their cause another kid could agree with them. Usually, when two people agree with each other it helps them become friends
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If kids have freedom of speech they could promote good causes like charity, Cancer research, and could help kids who can’t get an education get an education. Many people have used freedom of speech to support good causes and actually have changed charities In a good way and have changed kids with diseases or kids that couldn’t get any education lives by using freedom of speech.If we were allowed freedom of speech in schools then we would have the chance to make a difference for charities or kids in a good