Should Frozen Embryo Be Allowed

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In the 20th century science has created new ways to conceive other than by traditional means. One new way is by freezing a fertilized egg. This is called an embryo. There are many reasons why a couple could choose to freeze an embryo, some include struggling to convince, unsure if they want kids at the moment but want to have the option in the future, and if they are about to undergo medical treatment that could affect their ability to reproduce (freezing). The first baby born from a frozen embryo was in 1984 so this practice has been around for a while (Schwartz). As the practice of freezing embryos becomes more common more legal debates have arisen. One question that has come up is who owns the frozen embryo?
Freezing an embryo preserves it. By freezing the embryo the goal is to stop the metabolic activity in the cell that way the cell cannot further develop (science). This is why couples are then able to have a child at a later desired date. Another name for freezing embryos is called cryopreservation (embryo). There are complications that may occur when freezing or thawing the embryo but over 65% survive the thaw (embryo). This makes the treatment a recommended alternative when struggling or unable to reproduce naturally. These advancements give couples opportunities they have never had
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Go ahead; no one is forcing Jacob to be part of that child's life just simply to allow his ex to use his sperm. If a child is born and Jacob knows he is the father whether he wanted the kid he may feel a moral obligation to be there for them, something he did not want in the first place. Also he may feel like others will look down upon him if his ex has the child and he does nothing to be there for the child or his ex. All around it could add stress, problems, and guilt to Jacob's