Should Government Say In Our Diets Essay

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Many tolls and surveys have been taken over the topic of if the government should have a say in our diets or not. One that particularly stood out to me was one found on a site called The overall opinions of people showed that the government shouldn’t have a say in our diets because 71 percent answered no and only 29 percent answered yes. There are also many pros and cons of the government influencing our diets but overall people deserve to make their own choices on what they eat. That’s why I believe the government should have no say in our diets because they already control other parts of our lives and people have rights to their own choices. The government shouldn’t have a say in our diets because they already control multiple …show more content…
After reading multiple articles and debates I have concluded that the government not having a say in our diets is a better idea. If they had a say people wouldn’t be able to make their own choices and they would become dependent on the government for other decisions besides what food to eat all the time. I agree that the government having some influence is a good idea because they know what is a good choice for peoples overall health and for long time health. But too much control can cause many other problems. When the government creates an ideal diet it isn’t always fit for everyone’s needs so being able to have a choice is an important factor. Obesity is a huge problem in the United States so I think it is a good idea to influence the better decisions when picking food but not always tell people what they should or shouldn’t eat. Lastly the idea of the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture being able to increase prices and decrease quality is very unfair to people. Some people already struggle to be able to buy certain foods so increasing the prices could cause starvation and other huge problems in the United States. Not only is unhealthy food prices increase the prices of healthy foods is going up too. When all of these factors are put together and many others it is just overall