Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported Essay

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Imagine living in fear . Imagine avoiding the police , hospitals ,banks , places that are supposed to help , because of the chance of getting torn away from family. All undocumented people don't have to imagine, it's their day to day life. An undocumented women named Alicia, got taken away from her two young children after Alicia’s daughter wanted lemonade, so they went to the store . On their way out, Alicia didn't turn on her headlights, and she was pulled over by the police. She was arrested for not having paid a ticket for driving without insurance. She was handcuffed and taken away while her daughters watched, crying in the backseat of her car. That was the last time Alicia saw her daughters, and shortly after she was deported to Mexico. Deporting illegal immigrants is not just immoral, but economically stupid.
With having illegal immigrants in the United States, every American Citizen has to pay extras on their taxes for the immigrants deportation. Without illegal immigrants, the money us Americans pay on taxes, can go towards the homeless, now that the number of people without a house has increased.”It may come as a surprise to some that just like almost everyone else, undocumented immigrants pay taxes. They pay property taxes and sales taxes, and many also pay taxes on their incomes. In fact, on average, they pay a
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These people would not only be workers, but consumers and taxpayers that could help businesses immensely. It would also create jobs. Who wouldn't want the economy to be better? Who wouldn't want to live in a better place? Knowing that some people live in fear everyday , fear of losing their family , fear of losing their home , fear of losing everything, should be enough to change things and truly make this country “the land of the