Should Immigrants Be Allowed

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One day there was a poor family that came from Mexico. The family wanted to come to America to get a better life, than they had in Mexico. When they was coming here to America, they thought they were going to just come to America but no it's wasn't like that. The family wasn't legal, like they wasn't able to come to America without government permission but they did anyways which means they’re illegal immigrants. The family could also be sent back to where they came from. For these three reasons…..
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It is hard to believe that people think that immigrants shouldn’t be allowed in America but guess what? Others people many think that immigrants should be allowed for many reason. For instance immigrants help us with our jobs
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Immigrants help us Americans with our work if we don't know what we our doing. Some people believe that immigrants are very helpful. But they also help us build jobs. Immigrants sometimes work for the economic spectrum. Immigrants is the best thing that ever happened to America. It's great that immigrants came here, immigrants helped us with lots of major things. In so many different ways people believe that immigrants should not be able to come to America. Why? Don’t they belong here with everyone else. Immigrants are people just like we are people, It is understandable that people that come from different countries shouldn’t be able to come here in America. But they also should be allowed because we're all human beings. In conclusion, immigrants are still human being just like us people. Do not treat them any different, love immigrants like you love yourself. This essay was based on how people do and don't think immigrants should be legal in America. While immigrants being in America they have been getting a new life. Some immigrants came to America poor and had no where to stay but they turned around and got their lives together and got themselves a house and made lots of money, and their families had everything that