Should Immigrants Be Deported Essay

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Webster's Dictionary defines "immigrant" as a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence. In the past years the topic of illegal immigration has become extremely controversial. Some people think illegal immigrants should be deported, while others think they should be allowed to stay in the country. Many immigrants come to the United States yearly and some are deported because of their illegal status, however illegal immigrants provide a stability to our economy and perform necessary jobs that most Americans can't and won't do. Contrary to the beliefs of many Americans, illegal immigrants do not take the jobs of hardworking Americans and they actually perform the jobs most Americans do not want to do. “A comprehensive …show more content…
Immigrants wouldn’t want to do things that go against the law because that would mean they have a much higher risk of being deported. Although many people think that terrorist attacks on the United States have been committed by illegal immigrants. (Opposing Viewpoints) All terrorist attacks on the United States have been committed by someone who is either a legal United States citizen or a person who lives in a foreign country. The majority of immigrants do not want to harm anyone, they simply want a new life in the United States, but people have stereotyped illegal immigrants into being some of the worst criminals. This stereotyping has ruined the lives of many immigrants and has led to many unnecessary conflicts. Illegal immigrants should be able to stay in the Unites States because they benefit our economy and do not take the jobs of American citizens. An immigrant only comes to the United States for a better life for them and their family. A solution to the widespread debate of illegal immigrants could be the United States could change the immigration and citizenship laws to make becoming a citizen faster and cheaper. If this were done maybe there wouldn't be such a big controversial argument over immigration as there is