Should Kids Under Ten Play Tackle Football Essay

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Should Parents Let Kids Under Ten Play Tackle Football?

Have you heard of the different ways kids can get physically injured from

football? Kids that play football at a young age from under ten can have different

diseases and physical and mental disabilities. Football causes many different injuries

that happen more than other sports. Even players from the National Football

Association suffer from many different disabilities in their career and even after they

retire from the NFL. These disabilities can cause many extreme events that happen.

Kids under ten years old should not play tackle football because of the concussions,

physical and mental diseases from playing can affect them at a young age in life.

In the first place, concussions
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football players hurt themselves and other people while suffering these effects from

playing. From the previous site, it also explains how football is dangerous “One reason

football is too dangerous for children to play is because of chronic traumatic

encephalopathy, otherwise known as CTE” Pro and Con: Is Football Too Dangerous for

Kids. CTE is a critical disorder that happens to a lot of football players. Many NFL

players have either committed suicide by having CTE or killing someone else. CTE has

caused many football players to be depressed and caused many deaths. Over 90% of

football players have CTE in the NFL. Kids shouldn’t be playing football knowing that

this can happen to them, this makes them break down and can have them go into


For the most part, parents should not let their kids play tackle football. Many kids

that play football suffer from those causes that happen to even adults. They can change

as they grow up and might not be able to grow properly due to all the physical and

mental pain they go through. Kids need to use their brains for the greater good in life,

not for being rattled around and being beaten and having brain damage. Children